SUPREME Gluta White

SUPREME Gluta White

In order to keep pace with the never-ending demands of customers, we are involved in offering a wide range of Gluta White Whitening Pills. Other details: supreme gluta white 1500000mg GLUTA WHITE 1500000 MG glutathione tablets whitening lighting skin 30 Softgel Condition: New Factory seal Size: 30 Softgel / 1 bottle Quantity: 1 bottle Pregnant women as well as breast-feeding Allergy to vitamins of any kind and also Patients with cardiovascular problems Benefits: Face lift tapered V shape Supreme healthy white skin These glutathione capsules reduce wrinkle as well as Boost up collagen and also Anti aging This capsules Reduce freckles as well as Acne scars and also remove dark spots Reduce and also fitting the face pores Nourishing skin as well as Hair and also nails Fast result when it is used continuously Specification: L- Glutathione: 1500000 mg Collagen: 400000 mg Coenzyme Q10: 2000 mg Vitamin C: 50000 mg Bioflavonoid: 2000 mg Hyaluronic Acid: 2500 mg Koji Berry: 2000 mg Green Coffee Berry: 1200 mg Raspberry Extract: 1200 mg Pine Bark Extract: 1500 mg Grape seed Extract: 1500 mg Acerola Cherry: 3000 mg Mix Berry Extract: 3000 mg Lecithin: 4000 mg Biotin: 3000 mg Inositol: 60 mg As well as Zinc: 30 mg Note: People with serious skin problems and serious skin diseases should not use this skin whitening capsules directly, A person having skin disease should consult to the skin doctor first then if doctor suggest, can go ahead with these capsules. We recommend people to call us first to know which are the best as well as fast moving skin whitening capsules

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আলোকিত ডট কম
হ্যাপি আর্কেড শপিং মল দোকান নং ২৮, রোড নং ৩, ধানমণ্ডি, ঢাকা ১২০৫
হটলাইন নং ০১৭১১-১৬১৮১০ এবং ০১৭৩৩-৯৮৯৬৭৫ (সকাল ১০টা থেকে রাত ১০টা)।

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